History of the foundation




The history of the foundation started before 1992. A number of independent researchers found each other and started a working group. After they organised a family reunion, they formally founded the foundation.

A number of independent Dutch researchers investigating the genealogies of the Habets family found each other and formed, after about decade of individual research, the working group Habets Family Reunion. This working group organized the first family reunion on the 14th of November 1992 in Urmond, The Netherlands. Hundreds of family members participated. During this reunion, the idea came up to issue a family periodical in Dutch. It was given the name "Der Habet Kroniek" (The Habets Chronicle).

top Establishment of the foundation

Due to the enthusiasm of many family members and the resulting activities and responsibilities, the working group was turned into the formal Dutch foundation "Stichting Habets Genealogieën" (Habets Genealogies Foundation) on the 21st of July 1993. The executive committee tried to excite interest from the family members to their origin and past, by means of publication of the research results.

top Reunions

Encouraged by the success of the first reunion in 1992, a second one was held on the 29th of October 1995, again in Urmond. It was a fantastic day with a fine programme. On the 14th of October 2000, the third reunion was held in Belgium: in Herve Bolland, the "Le Domaine des Pres Fleuris". On the 18th of October 2003 the fourth reunion was held in the Hoensbroek Castle, in Hoensbroek, The Netherlands.

top The Habets Chronicle

In September 1993 the first issue containing the results of the studies was brought out. Till 2002, in total 33 booklets of the "Der Habet Kroniek" (the Habets Chronicle) have been published, round up with a name and stock register; more than 800 pages in total (in Dutch). Bound to a splendid two-piece book, it is indispensable for researchers and anyone having interest in the past of the Habets family, from the seventeeth up to the beginning of the twentieth century. (2011: The books are sold out, sets of the separate booklets are still avaiable.)

The chronicle comprises the results of the many years of research by Jean (Nuth) and Luc Habets (Hoensbroek). In addition, an important contribution was given by: Pierre Habets (Beek, specialist of old hand­wrintings), F. Patelski (Klimmen, genealogist), Jean Soeters (Stevens­weert, proof­reader) and H. Voncken (Dilsen, layout).

top The board

The first board was formed by Jean Habets (Nuth), Luc Habets (Hoensbroek, treasurer), Math Habets (Stein), Pierre Habets (Beek), Bert Lemmens (Hoensbroek, secretary) en Antoine Noblesse (Beek, chairman). On the management change in 2004, Jean, Luc en Bert stepped down because of their advanced age. A new committee was formed. In the course of time, several changes occurred. (The constitution of the current board can be found in About us, Overview.)