Habets web

This web site offers information about the history of the Habets family and the activities and backgrounds of the 'Stichting Habets Genealogieën' (Habets Genealogies Foundation), the SHG for short.
The purpose of this web site is to inform anybody who is interested and to collect data in order to further complete the history of the Habets' family.




September 2005

We have stopped all activities

This means that this website will be closed and that the family data will no longer be updated. Reports of inaccuracies of and requests for family data updates will not be handled anymore. Also, we will no longer delever family tree data.


(More in Nieuws 2015-09-25 [Dutch])





The information on this web site is primary intended for all members of the Habets family and their closest relatives. In addition, the site is for everyone who is interested in genealogical research and hereby comes across the name Habets or variations hereof.


On this site you will find news about our activities and about family members. Our activities are described in detail: what are we doing and what are our services. Of course, you will find matters about family data: pieces of information and our genealogy index. Are you interested in de foundation (SHG), contributors and sponsors, than take a look in About us. And finally, Information gives you our contact data and an e-mail form.

English pages English

We intend to create most of the site also in English (and other languages as well), but currently most of the pages are only available in Dutch. If there is an English version of the page available, an English flag shows up as one of the flags in the 'langage bar' at the right side of page header (like on this page) and in the menu items.